Monday, 14 November 2011

Fangs very much

I'm a bit lost for words this week, having had another mention from the even lovelier than before Acid Ted, and also having gone out a bit more extravagantly than usual, which at my age and state of decrepitude takes its toll on the old functionality.

Here's an atonal bit of brutishness to clear the cobwebs out, and something to calm down with afterwards.

The Rocker by Ghost Olympics

Sometimes you start something with some sort of vague aim in mind, then lose your way a bit and decide to come back to it later. Some years later you return and discover it to be just fine as it is.

I really, really think it would help if you played it upsettingly loud though. Can't stress that enough.

Practice Run by Ghost Olympics

And here’s another one for the ladies.

Goodnight, ladies. Goodnight.

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