Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ghoulash! (or Spookghetti)

So, it's time once again for another pair of loose meanderings from my furtive musical past, with which to delight my reader (hello darling, can you get some milk on the way home please?).

I've been very chuffed to be mentioned today on the excellent Acid Ted blog, who has been sharing lovely dancey bits for many a year now. Thanks Ted. A little recognition is all we want really, innit.

Thus I am all warmly aglow as I give you these snippets.

Dink 2 by Ghost Olympics

Everyone does a little Kraftwerk knock-off at some point (you don’t? what do you do?). This is mine, bipping and burbling along on an elastic band bass noise with some flutey bits popping up to say hi before I wandered off to do something else.

There is a Dink 1, which is a much more minimal version, ie there are fewer musicky bits. That’s for another day.

Ready for Six by Ghost Olympics

Falling asleep to music is a nice thing. I’ve done it since I had my first Walkman, nodding off under the covers to surprisingly loud music in a decade before this one. So I made a piece deliberately designed to fall asleep to. It’s droney, hissy, bongy and tinkly - all the noises that make the head happily heavy. You can’t just be boring though - I think sleep music needs to engage the brain enough to distract it from the thoughts that were keeping you awake in the first place. Therefore there are some pretty bits and some dreamlike mutation of shapes, yeah? When I first made this I actually used to use it as an insomnia cure. The clunk when the tape ran out would wake me up again though. Maybe don’t play it while driving, or the clunk when the road runs out might wake you.

That had better be all for now, eh? Do come again!

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